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Nude Teardrop Microfiber
Nude Dual-Cut Microfiber
nude-teardrop-microfiber nude-dual-cut-microfiber Nude Dual-Cut Microfiber

good to know

Image Microfiber Bristles for a Fuller Coverage
Image Requires less Product
Image Marshmallow Soft
Image Suitable for liquid/cream/powdered products
Image Exceptional at Powdered Products
Image Airbrushed Finish

Comparison to Perfection Blender: Both can be used interchangeably, Microfiber is more for less product wastage + exceptional at powdered products. Perfection is more for buildable coverage.

The Microfiber Velvet Blender you know and love but now with softer bristles for a more even coverage. These fuzzy blenders provide full coverage and airbrushed finish. Use less product at a fraction of the cost of traditional blenders. 

Dual-cut Precision Microfiber Velvet Blender: Our new holy grail shape. Quick & Precise application. Perfect for baking and allover application.

TearDrop Microfiber Velvet Blender: Best Seller tear-drop shape with a precision tip for hard to reach places. Rounded base best used for larger surfaces of the face.

Recommendation: Use them slightly damp (avoid over-soaking) for liquid/cream products. Use them dry for powdered products.

Customer Reviews

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Anna W
Great puff. Perfect for powder

This puff is perfect for powder. Doesnt trap alot of product and helps to create an airbrush finish. Better than the usual puffs and easy to use compared to brush or usual puff

Megan Y
Best Blender in the Market

Love the texture and the precision tip of the blenders. I bought one for liquid foundation and another for powders. Honestly, have been repurchasing this compared to other ones in the market.

Great product

Honestly wouldnt buy any other beauty blenders in the market after having one of these. Great finish, amazing coverage, cost saving by using less product as it absorbs lesser and cost savings from not buying another Beauty Blender ever! Just get one of these.


SUPER affordable, very soft and gives your skin exactly what it needs! I find that it works the same if not better than the original BB which is great since this is just at half the price!! Totally worth the money, I am able to replenish it monthly and not feel that it is painful to my pocket!!!

Value for money!

Affordable and works just like the normal beauty blender! Definitely repurchasing it as it is inexpensive and more economical for something that we use for approximately 1-1.5 months(?) and then throw away. GOOD BUY!

One of the best blenders in the market

Love the Best Seller tear-drop shape because of precision tip. Able to get to hard to reach places like inner corners of eyes, below the nose, eyelids etc. Also, pretty colours!!