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Spellbound Bundle

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The magic we've been waiting for is finally here! Inspired by the divine and enchanted by makeup, get our latest alchemy - The Spellbound Collection. 


Spellbound Eyeshadow Palette: Magic, Spice, and Everything Eyes! A Whimsical Warm-toned Palette for any occasion with that hint of sparkle. Formula took off a page from the spellbook, you'll be mesmerized by how pigmented and velvety these triple milled shadows are. What Sorcery is this?


Ultra-soft Microfiber Velvet Blender: The Microfiber Velvet Blender you know and love, but in spellbindingly soft material. Full Coverage and Airbrushed Finish! Save on products at a fraction of the cost. (You get both shapes too!)


Poof! Solid Cleanser with Silicone Mat: A Tangerine flavored solid cleanser with a silicone mat that will vanish all impurities. Poof!

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